“Drop the baggage you carry around, get rid of habits that aren’t serving you, and renew your presence in each moment. The time is now to live from your power.” — Sid McNairy


Physical Fitness

The body is a temple. The first step towards personal power and freedom is creating a yoga practice that keeps the body strong and flowing. We offer a variety of individual and group yoga classes and to promote and support your optimal health. 


Mental Clarity

We all have blindspots. Areas of our life that seem to be filled with challenging relationships, past confusions, or hurts. With a proven and effective Teacher Training program, Sid Yoga focuses on helping students gain clarity to create the life of their dreams. 


Spiritual Peace

The Quest for Peace starts with a desire to change your life and a realization that gratitude is the secret elixir that creates magic in our lives. Love and gratitude unlock the doors to our connection with Source Energy. We teach meditation to allow you to find your connection and realize your personal power.  


The Warrior Within

 Have you ever wished for your life to be changed? To bring in a new way? What is the game for you? You can and will change it. 


A Quest for Peace



Learn about the Four Cornerstones of Life that will empower you to build the foundation of a solid spiritual practice to awaken your ability to change and transform your life. 

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The Warrior Within

A Quest For Peace is a guide book for all to awaken their inner warrior. The journey of a modern-day warrior follows the makeup of the hero's journey.

Yoga & Life Empowerment

Yoga & Life Empowerment is designed for beginners and advanced yoga practitioners alike. It is a personal...


Online Course

Yoga & Life Empowerment

A Six-Week Self Study Practice Using Asana, Meditation & Diet to Achieve Happiness & Peace


Artwork & Paintings

Custom designed and hand-painted artwork by Sid McNairy.


Love Heart!

Painting measures 60" by 48"


Angel of Healing

Painting measures 48" by 36"


The Internal Waterfall

Painting measures 24" by 24"


Tree of Love

Painting measures 36" by 36"