As a kid one of the toughest things for me were questions. When other people would ask me questions I would feel a resistance within, and I would tighten up in my body.

I thought that the the typical questions were bringing up things I did not like. How was school? Really what I wanted to say was, its over and so I have moved on. Yet, that answer likely was not going to be acceptable. What do you want to do? Really no matter what I could think of was likely going to be shot down. So as you can see I was not really a fan of questions.

What I find now is I love that so many questions were asked because it has given way to me questioning what is taking place in todays world. So what I see is A + B = C

When we do A or have A, and do or we have B and C is the result. Things are simple to me. We have to change a variable to get a new C when C is not working. 

Here is an example. There is a family, with parents who have ways of handling their kid. The kid in the family is consider a bad kid. Now the same family if observed over a period of time, has a kid who grows up feeling entitled, then becomes a pain for society. Something in this equation must shift in oder to have a new outcome.

Now what we know is we will still have families. So that variable will remain consistent. What can change is how the parents interact with the child and we will see a different shift in kids in the future. For me this is pretty simple. If I am raising kids and want my kids to grow up differently than the people who are older, I have to raise them differently. Well that experiment worked my kids are different than a lot of kids who have become problems in society. Well trust me they were raised differently than most.

Tonight was date night and most people who know me know I love going to movies. A fortunately so does Liz. So we went to see “Thank You For Your Service.” The movie was a good movie and after working with a few veterans it seem to be a good view at how many of those who serve come back. 

So there is the initial variables as I see them.

A = We have people who serve our country and go to war

B = We send them to fight for our country

C = Peace in the world has yet to be achieved

Now this is where I begin to question and see what is possible. How can we truly achieve world peace? Well it seems something must be done differently. Yes I am grateful for those who give their lives, give there time and energy to serve our country. There has to be something else done if we are truly looking to create a better world.

So then there becomes a new question. What can we do differently to bring about a new C? What can we do to achieve world peace and let go of just talking about it?

We will have people who serve our country and the world as long as man kind is in existence. There are a couple shifts that can take place with the second variable “B.” 

New B’s

  1. Stop sending our people off to fight when we are killing more people on our own soil
  2. Help others find a way to defend themselves and clean up their homes
  3. Take care of home first
  4. Live by example

It is time to bring forward a new C. We can start today. Maybe a new question is why do certain countries have more terrorist attacks than others. 

Terrorist attacks (Not including terrorist from our own soil ex/ Texas)


                                 Number of incidents                   Deaths                        Injuries 

Iraq                           3,356                                           12,187                           14,285

Afghanistan              1,615                                             6,119                            6,485

India                          1,019                                            462                              784

Pakistan                     861                                               1,112                            1,894

United Kingdom        104                                               9                                20

United States             61                                                 68                               139

Canada                       6                                                  1                                  34

Mexico                        5                                                  4                                  0

Jamaica                      0                                                 0                                  0

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