Sacred Circle

The Sacred Circle is an opportunity for people of all ages to come and experience transformation. When with Sid at the Sacred Circle, Sid will help uplift your spirit by creating an environment for peace, meditation, and inspiration to occur to lift your spirit. During this time through meditation, energy work and conversation you will discover how to create and live the life you deserved at birth.


The Nahi Lifestyle is a choice to heal in every way!

No matter where you are when you choose to live this lifestyle you are choosing to live your best life possible. Everything you can dream of is a possibility for you. Sid “Nahi” and Liz McNairy are here to help all reach their fullest potential. The initial state of peace is easy, it takes discipline to live this life in every way in all the days to come. We are ready to walk with you and win at life! #allidoiswin


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