"In my life, I have realized I cannot change the world, I am the only person that I can change. As I change I can affect my family, my family can affect our community; our community can affect our state, our state can affect our country, our country can affect the world. In the end, I can affect the world, and we all will change."

— Sid McNairy


Change the Mind

Expressing gratitude is the best way to transform your consciousness. In our advanced training programs, we provide a framework to cultivate a deeper level of gratitude with simple exercises that can be shared and practiced in your home, office, or within the community. 


Change the Body

Mindful nutrition is a key component of personal transformation. Once yoga has been integrated into your lifestyle—the next step is changing the body with proper nutrition. We offer specialized coaching for athletes as well as those looking to transform their overall body composition.


Change the World

The World is changed by igniting connection and understanding with each personal interaction and exchange. By taking deeper responsibility for our own life experiences and impact, we become the change we want to see in the World. Join us and bring Peace Across America. 


Peace Across America Tour

Mission: In this time of despair the world needs an example of peace and love to bring us together to extend our future. The "Peace Across America" tour is taking place to teach all to live together united in love for all. Only where there is peace can we find love.


Want to Join the Movement?

We're looking for like-minded studios, partners, and collaborators to join us in connecting and bringing Peace Across America. If you would like to offer a place to stay, a place to practice, or a place for us to visit while on the road—let's connect. We offer free classes in exchange for complimentary lodging. 


Past Tour Location


Baltimore Museum of Industry, August 2017


Past Tour Location

Love Light Festival, August 2017


Next Tour Location

Bikram Yoga, York PA

To bring change you have to be there. 


Upcoming Tour Dates

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Phase I


Teacher Training 


Establish Your Power


Phase II


Teacher Training

Awaken the Spirit Within