Walk The Red Road

"In my life, I have realized I cannot change the world, I am the only person that I can change. As I change I can affect my family, my family can affect our community; our community can affect our state, our state can affect our country, our country can affect the world. In the end, I can affect the world, and we all will change."

— Sid McNairy

When you are ready here are you steps along the way.


We all have an ELITE (Every Loving Individual Trusting Excellence) Warrior within. It is through our bodies that we can first begin to clear and open up to our power within. As many enter into this lifestyle the beginning is through their physical body. Get ready to move with us in yoga classes as you start your journey inward to a connection to the power within.



Once the walk along the path has begun, everyone starts to see the light. It is in the spark that we can see the fire grow. A seeker is one who is ready to open up to all that is possible. Through meditation, community and healing all can find their way to a stronger connection to the divine. On the path the seeker is ready to join us for all of the sacred events and see just what is waiting ahead.


Master in You

The path to mastery is ahead. It is in the mastering of ourselves that we are able to stand and help another. The World is changed by igniting connection and understanding with each personal interaction and exchange. By taking deeper responsibility for our own life experiences and impact, we become the change we want to see in the World. Join us on the journey to discovering the Master in You. Now is your time. 


The Bridge Home

Mission: In this time of despair the world needs an example of peace and love to bring us together to extend our future. The "Bridge Home” tour is taking place to teach all to live together united in love for all. Only where there is peace can we find love.


Want to Join the Movement?

We're looking for like-minded studios, partners, and collaborators to join us in connecting and bringing transformation to the world. If you would like to have us visit while on the road—let's connect. We offer many programs and look forward to connecting with you.


Community Gathering

Community Gathering is an opportunity for all especially those who want to see hat it is all about. In these gatherings the number are usually much bigger and therefore individual time is less. During these large group sessions everyone will receive a single transmission and several group transmissions.


Sacred Healing Medicine Circle

Sacred Circle is a smaller group that gives way to all receiving more hands on transmissions and an opportunity to receive energy in four individual connections. During these smaller group transmissions everyone receives more individual connection.

Get Better! Be Better! Stay Better!


Discovery Sessions

Discovery Session is an opportunity to move beyond deep rooted traumas that come up in life. During the discovery session you will receive a one one one session to help in discovery work. Anything is possible and in the discovery session, we will discover your best path to getting better, being better and staying better.

To bring change you have to be there. 


Upcoming Retreats at the Nahi Sanctuary


Healing Sessions

Establish Your Power



Awaken the Spirit Within