Nahi Warrior Virtual Classroom

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Master Your Life

You have today, it is up to you to W.I.N. now? Right here in this moment is your time to elevate and advance this day! As you move through this journey, you will touch the lives of everyone around you. You will impact those who have passed by and those to come in the future. As we transform ourselves, we impact the world in every way! Find joy in every way, where you are is where your destiny has taken you. Right here, right now! Let’s step into What’s Important Now?

Join your teachers Sid and Liz McNairy, your Nahi Master Teachers for your class no matter where you are! Meditations and Live Yoga Classes.

Sign up and get in the flow to elevate your day and life now.

$54 for an Unlimited access membership

$40 Annual membership / $480


Sid McNairy

Liz McNairy