Yoga and Life Empowerment Training

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Live It to Give It


Phase I and II Life Empowerment

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Learn to lead, teach and inspire others. Join lead instructor and bestselling author of Yoga and Life Empowerment, Sid McNairy, for a transformational process of Yoga Teacher Training. 



Phase I Training

An opportunity to get clear in your life to powerfully give to others. The goal of this week is “Establishing power for yourself and others.” It is an inward journey that brings the focus to the internal by recognizing where we hold back, and where we can break through. In this phase you will:

  • Gain the tools to deliver the Nahi power sequence.

  • Experience the foundations of assisting/adjusting.

  • Be exposed to the anatomy of yoga postures and movement of the body.

  • Discuss the Yoga Sutras and philosophy of the Nahi Flow.

  • Learn how to translate the historic teachings of yoga into a current classroom experience.

Experience voice coaching, and expansion of sequencing basics. A unique aspect of this training is the amount of time spent in practicing your teaching skills through live teaching sessions to your peers. Receive feedback throughout the program and grow.

An empowering process for those wanting to teach yoga in your community and world. Are you a current yoga teacher looking to master your skills, or a yoga student seeking to delve deeper in your practice? Our weeklong trainings are a great opportunity to capture these goals. This program composes the first part of 200 hour teacher training.

This weeklong session is an inward journey that brings the focus to the internal by recognizing where we hold back, and where we can break through.

*To receive your 200 hour certificate all participants are required to do the assisting workshop*


Phase II Training

This curriculum focuses on voice coaching, class sequencing, business of yoga, establishing your power and authenticity as a teacher, and continued practicum of tools to develop a fluid base on how to teach power vinyasa yoga to all levels.

Here at Sid Yoga we understand that you have to “Live It To Give It!” Get ready to be empowered and open up to going beyond! We look forward to walking every step along the way with you! Peace.

Additional studies of the weeklong program are related book readings, self discovery, and a post-program teaching internship.

This is a Phase II training: Week-long Training 

Immersion to complete hours 101-200 of your 200hour Teacher Training. 

Phase II is open to those who have completed Phase I Teacher Training as well as those who are looking to dive deeper into 200 hour yoga teacher training and have completed a 200 hour program. After successfully attending all hours of Phase II, students complete a teaching internship at their studio or location of choice. Once we have received documentation that this internship has been complete, you will receive your 200hour certificate and be eligible for Yoga Alliance registry!

The Weekend Program of 200 hour teacher training is a composition of Phase I and Phase II spread out over seven weekends.


*To receive your 200 hour certificate all participants are required to do the assisting workshop*


Choose Between a 2 Week-long Immersion or 7 Weekend Modules


200 Hour Weeklong Trainings

Each week of training consists of 100 hours. To complete the 200 hour training program choose your Phase I and Phase II program.

Training dates and locations:



$1600 for each week Phase I, and Phase II

Save $100 if you pay one month in advance
Save $150 by paying two months in advance

200 Hour Weekend Trainings

Program extends over the course of 7 weekends. Trainings offered every Fall and Winter season. Weekend 2-month intensives offered every June.

Training dates and locations:


200 Hour Training is $2800

Save $100 if you pay one month in advance
Save $200 by paying two months in advance

Phase I programs are typically offered offered every January, February, June, and July.
Phase II programs are typically offered every March and August.


Lead, teach and inspire.


The Master in You

Advance Training

Phase III, 300 hour program is designed to help you find your fullest expression.


Enhance, grow and empower yourself,  through your knowledge of yoga, your teaching skills, and your way of being in the world so that you can bring positive change to the world! You will walk away from this training experience with a more confident and expansive way of teaching yoga and living your life.


The goal of this program is to highlight you! Our Advance Training program has been recently enhanced to incorporate practitioners of all styles, and to develop the personal strengths of each participant to their highest level. This program consists of more than 300 hours to compliment your already attained 200 hour training or equivalent training. Participants will complete the program over the course of a year to create an overall immersion into a deeper connection to the art of healthy living. See program curriculum listed below.

  • Experience your next level of meditation

  • Body energetics: Chakras and Asana

  • Experience and teach advanced assisting techniques

  • Experience and teach advanced power vinyasa sequencing

  • Teaching to the spirit of yoga

  • Sid Yoga Restore & Renew sequencing and methodology

  • Experience Sid Yoga Elite Athlete Teacher Training

  • Live teaching sessions throughout the training

  • Language of Sanskrit

  • Learn the business of yoga

  • Experience and develop your yoga research project

  • Develop and present your research to your peers

  • Experience teaching from your authentic self

  • Experience your innate healing energy

  • Master the delivery of yoga classes

  • Self-study practices and tools to live an empowered and free life


Two Weeklong Modules

The subjects the weeklong modules that will be covered are: 

Spirit Module

Spirit: During the first week module we will create a deeper understanding of the spirit of living. All will come away with a greater sense for moving forward into the connection and manifestation of their desired path.

Advance Sequencing: During the module participants will learn to develop prescription sequences to help all students who walk through your doors. We will also work through posture clinics to help in development of precise delivery in a classroom setting, as oppose to workshops and other presentations.

Awakening Module

Restore Weekend: During the weeklong module we will dive into the teaching of restoration to help all realign and move forward.

Chakra Energy Weekend: During the module participants will work to understand their own chakra energy field while discovering how to help others balance their chakras in the process. Also during the Chakra Energy weekend module participants will come together to practice and develop a deeper understanding of how to teach meditation to connect practitioners of all ages.

Partner Assisted Movement: During the module participants with dive into the art of PAM (Partner Assisted Movement). Through the mastery of this technique participants will learn how to assist practitioners through a one on one movement session as well as deepen their assisting techniques for all classes by gaining a deeper understanding of the subtle body energy.


Your Individual Mentor Program

Connect to Your Highest Self

The focus of the "Connect to your Highest Self" portion is to allow you to deepen your own way of expressing in the yoga industry. Throughout the week, you will meet with Sid and discover how you will open along your teaching journey, and live your gifts in life. 

You will experience leadership training and how to stand for others. This will help you broaden your scope of programs and guiding groups in an organic way.

Individual Calls:

10 One on One calls: Call are Set monthly on your personal schedule

Group calls (12 calls 2 hours)

Group Call subjects: Business / social media  / Composing a team presentation / Cycles of Power (project calls) / Chakra balance (meditation calls)    


Master Assisting Program

Living Your Legacy

The focus of the "Live your Legacy" module is the experience of being for the community. In this module you will take your training beyond the studio and uncover your special place in the world. Be prepared to leave your mark on society as you develop a plan to put in motion your very own community project.



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Save $1,500 if you pay Two months in advance
Save $1,000 by paying One month in advance

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