Lets go this is you time!

Are you ready for more? It’s time to journey to your fate, and awaken to your inner warrior. The journey of a modern day warrior follows the makeup of the hero’s journey. Here you will discover that you are your hero. You will be able to celebrate your past. You will connect to your spirit, your spirit of a warrior. With passion and power you will gain the tools to play the game of life and win every time! Are you hungry?


Get in the zone!

We all have a way we move through life and in many cases it has limited our connection to our infinite power. We have come into this mode of operation from the fear of losing in life in some way. By learning how to shift our operating system we are able to see our world from a new perspective. As we land in this new way we are then able to win at life in every way. Congratulations you are now ready to get to the 6 day immersion. Let’s Get That W.I.N.

Get in the Zone!

Zone I is an empowerment for all people. Whether you are a brother, a sister, a mother, a father, a yogi, an athlete, a doctor, a clerk or any other label you may carry, this is the space for you. No, you do not have to do yoga! Yoga is optional in this “Journey to Fate” you will have many options to get out and move your body. Life Training is lead by Sid and Liz McNairy, where thousands have been helped, and you too can win at your life to. Live the life you deserve to live!

Zone 2 is the next level in this training for all people. This is the next step to open a new space for yourself. This is the next part of the process that will help you dive deep into yourself to open new dimensions that hold you back from landing in the most powerful you.

Zone 3 you will have moved through the layers of discovering where you have been operating. Now is the moment to discover what is creating it all. This is the step you have been waiting for to allow your life to move forward, empowered and free to be you in every way! Lets W.I.N.


Phase II Life Empowerment

This curriculum focuses on voice coaching, class sequencing, business of yoga, establishing your power and authenticity as a teacher, and continued practicum of tools to develop a fluid base on how to teach power vinyasa yoga to all levels.


The Warrior Within

A Quest For Peace is a guide book for all to awaken their inner warrior. The journey of a modern-day warrior follows the makeup of the hero's journey. The Warrior Within is part of your reading material as you move through step 3.