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Community Gathering

  • 31 Allegheny Avenue, 3 floor towson, MD united States of America (map)

Hope for the Unwell!

Time to “Get Better! Be Better! Stay Better!”

There are times when we all are looking for a little hope. Hope that allows us to move into a place that is beyond the ordinary. Hope that allows us to move beyond the despair of this day and age has brought to the lives of many.

This is a moment where hope can be cultivated beyond the dis-ease, dis-comfort, and dis-function of all that the world has presented itself too many as. Get ready this is an opportunity to awaken to a little extra in order to feel extraordinary again.

The initial part of this gathering will consist of a group intention and Q and A.  After the opening everyone will experience an energy transmission.

The next part of this gathering will consist of a short moment. In this time those present will have an opportunity to share what they are present to as the room settles further into the divine connection.

The next stage of the process will consist of a more focused energy transmissions for a few people in the community. As one person receives a connection to the sacred energy we all come into the connection. Each person who comes up for the second half of the gathering stands in for the energy to enter further into the space and touch all in the room.

This is a great moment for all to open up and awaken to what is possible in the connection to the divine. Sid is here to help make the connection for all as everyone aligns deeper to the divine transformation for all involved.

Energy work has been around for centuries. 2000 years BC in ancient Egypt it was known that transformation of all dis-ease, dis-comfort and dis-function could be shifted when the environment would support it.

The community gathering is an opportunity for people of all ages to come and experience transformation. It is your connection to the divine light and love that will allow you to access a pure connection to all that is possible for you.

Who is Sid “Nahi” McNairy

Sid McNairy has taken the time to align himself to a vibration of healing himself that allows him to connect to the divine. Through his connection to the divine Sid is able to help others come into this same connection that transforms all dis-ease into peace and love.

Sid first came into this knowing at 3 years of age, and took many years to see this awareness come into fruition where it is today. Through many personal growth moments from his Native American heritage, sitting in the mountains without food or water, spending days in silence, yoga practice, close to 40 years of meditation, and connecting to his Egyptian blood lines. Sid is now ready to serve others in their process to healing.

By aligning your energy to the divine you will be free. Come work with Sid and experience a transformation of your personal energy to one of being healed.

**Please note everyone is asked to bring a cushion or a small beach chair to sit on. **

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