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Warrior Quest

Nahi Warrior Quest

“When we want wisdom, we go up on the hill and talk to God. Four days and four nights, without food and water. Yes, you can talk to God up on the hill by yourself. You can say anything you want. Nobody’s there to listen to you.That’s between you and God and nobody else. It’s a great feeling to be talking to God. I know. I did it way up on the mountain. The wind was blowing. It was dark. It was cold. And I stood there and I talked to God.” -Noble Red Man, Lakota

Warrior Quest

 Vision quest is a sacred ceremony shared by many Native peoples, and it holds a special place in Native American Customs. Warrior Quest is derived off of the Native American customs and stems from the Nahi System. It is the ceremony used to define personal visions and understand our part in the circle of life. It consists of spending time alone in the woods, on a mountain, or in some other natural area. This time of contemplation is a time to enter deeply into yourself, and to determine your purpose and vision.

The quester is a warrior who is engaged in taking steps to sit out on the warrior quest.  A person is able to take 4 warrior quest in a lifetime.  It is a lifestyle from the moment one chooses to take part in the warrior quest.

A support person is one who is set to help others as they move through the journey. The support person is one who is ready to be of service and help others elevate. This is truly one of the major pathways to self mastery.

A tribe council leader is a person who is holding community prayer circles and village gatherings. The circle ceremonies and village gatherings can be held in a home, at a school, studios… where ever two or more can gather in the name of the warrior faith and path to self mastery.  

A teacher are those trained to hold space either through the Nahi Warrior Flow, Nahi meditation, or Nahi life empowerment series.

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