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Meditation Certification (Virtual)

Master In You Meditation Certification

The Program

We have started to get into the quick fix mentality that has caused many programs to get watered down. This two year process has the depth needed to walk everyone into a new place and to connect deeper along this journey of meditation and self discovery. We all must walk the path, we just get to choose when we start. You are here so lets get started and win at life so we can help others win with love as well

You will:

    • Learn to teach mindfulness through meditation that will promote connectedness and mindfulness for all.

    • Learn to teach from a foundation of peace giving access to love for all.

    • Gain an understanding of teaching compassion to help all beings.

    • Take part in a continual mentor program to allow you to be guided through the process.

    • Walk further along a spiritual path that will connect all.

    • Join in a community of like minded individuals that will stimulate growth through communication and self study.

    • Learn to develop a sustainable community project.

Join us and walk with your teacher and dive into 50 plus years of experience. No matter where you are meditation will continue to move you forward and help others. Get ready to take a journey through the space many have never gone.