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Spirit Walk

Your soul has been calling. When you are ready we will walk together.

The Spirit Walk, is your daily practice that has allowed many to move forward in their lives from Spiritual Bankruptcy to becoming Spiritually Rich. It is a personal journey that takes discipline and will enhance your life no matter what you are looking for. Wherever we put our attention is what will come forward. Are you willing to put the creator first? Are you willing to recognize the power within? Are you willing to have discipline and own your life?

Yes, then let’s go. It’s time to get you prepared to live life in a new way!

We are all connected. It is through the illusion of fear that we perceive ourselves and separate. In the illusion we are lost and become spiritually bankrupt. During that time of spiritual bankruptcy we can face many times of despair. The Spirit Walk is here to help all move forward and live from a place of achieving Spiritual Richness.

The Spirit Walk is the beginning of establishing your strength in connection to spirit. When this is made you will understand and work with your power of your spirit. You will have a daily practice that will continue to grow with you over time.

Now is the time for you to plug back in and live your life in its most powerful way. This path has been established through the Native American Lineages from the Cherokee and Blackfeet tribes, Egyptian Traditions, and other spiritual walks by accessing thousand of years of spirit connection. Get ready to take a walk that will expand your reality and elevate you and all involved.

During this 13 week journey you will be guided by Sid and Liz McNairy to gain access to your daily walk. This same daily practice that has moved Nahi into the walk as a spirit warrior. If you are reading this your soul has already called you forward. Let’s continue to move forward into your highest in every way.