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Mission: Empower the Future

Mission: Empower the Future

We ALL have a chance to be of SERVICE and create a STRONGER world! As the say on the land "UBUNTU", meaning "I am because we are!" So, are you ready to STEP UP and be about something more??!

Our mission is to reach outside of the self and help THE WORLD. We are partnering with Yoga Heart Kenya to elevate the lives of their children and communities to EMPOWER their future. The “Bridge Home” is here to support ALL to live to their fullest potential.

This mission is for you if:
- You are ready to look beyond your self to DISCOVER a deeper meaning and purpose in YOUR life!
- You are willing to GIVE your time to TRANSFORM the lives of children and a community in need.
- You desire to leave a LEGACY that shifts the world!

With this mission there are two main ways to get involved.

1.) Donate here to Mission: Empower the Future

2.) Join un for 10 Days of Service. Includes:
- Service project with Nairobi Orphanage
- Life training with Sid and Liz McNairy
- Safari through the African plains
- Excursion through the Kenyan Beach
- Visit with the Maasai Warriors


Where does our collective fundraising effort go?

  • $20,000:
    - Paint and rehab existing grounds.

  • $50,000
    - Paint and rehab existing grounds.
    - Build an additional room on their school.

  • $100,000
    - Paint and rehab existing grounds
    - Build an additional room on their school
    - Finish the project to get furniture and enhance their living conditions.

    *Flights to Nairobi Jomo Kenyata International Airport are separate.

    *EVERY person who comes will be CONTRIBUTING $5,000 to the project.

    We are GRATEFUL for all the support and for how everyone continues to come together around the world, we are "ONE LOVE ONE PEOPLE." It is up to us to raise up and support each other! Thank you we look forward to being with you as we continue this movement to transform the world to a better place for all!

    Get Started with The Mission TODAY!

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