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Purge to Surge (10 day clearing challenge)

This challenge is for you if you feel weighted down by the heaviness of life, if you feel stuck in your relationships, if feelings of anxiety and depression are holding you back, and/or you are searching for a spiritual connection to something greater.

Pleasure and pain are one in-the same. They both bring you to misery. By becoming clear with your attachments you will gain a new found sense of peace and shift your relationship with yourself and everyone around you.

"In my life, I have realized I cannot change the world, I am the only person that I can change. As I change I can effect my family, my family can effect our community; our community can effect our state, our state can effect our country, our country can effect the world. In the end I can affect the world and we all win change."

This challenge will give you the support to release attachment from the day to day chaos that continues to rule your life. Each day you will receive a daily challenge of something to purge. By executing the daily challenge you will create space for freedom and move forward powerfully in your life. When we are in community we. Often we quit when we are alone. Through this challenge and the support of community, we will come together for 10 days in order to purge to surge!


$100 for non Nahi Wellness Global Community Members

$20 to member of Nahi Wellness Global Community (Facebook)

Two on-line meetings on first and last day. (June 2 and June 11 8:00pm est)