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Free Your Mind, Master Mind Series

Free Your Mind

Master Mind Series

Master Mind Series

Through the teachings of forgiveness, and our beliefs about oneness and separation, we can change our minds about what holds us back in life. The Free Your Mind master mind series is guided by Sid and Liz to help everyone move deeper into ones self.  Course teaches us how to know ourselves and how to unlearn all of those things which interfere with our recognition of who we are and always have been. The foundation for Free Your Mind is peace. Learn several tools, teachings and  how to use the Course in Miracles to facilitate a new perspective to living at oneness, and how to walk in abundant joy.

We will meet the first or second Monday of each month from 8-9pm.


Please also click the link to join the FB group:

Please make sure to have the Foundation of Inner Peace copy of A Course In Miracles. You can either get three separate books, teacher manual, text and workbook or this combined version.

Thank you to each of you for joining in this group. My grandmother was one of the first teachers of the course and to have so many people interested is truly a gift. So excited to connect with everyone.

Continual registration. So spread the word.

Many blessings.

Sid & Liz