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Join your community with our family!

Community starts with you. Bring Nahi in, as we create an impactful weekend with you. No matter what you are looking to create wether it is for athletes, seekers or those looking to find the master within themselves we can support your evolution.

Workshops vary based on your community’s needs. Let’s get started today.

Workshops ranging from asana practice, self discovery, meditation, community building and more.

Practice Workshops

Morning Routine for Wellness (one-day)

The Nahi Lifestyle is a life practice. The daily routine consist of meditation practice, daily mental practices, eating habits and other lifestyle practices. This all day immersion is designed to help all individuals open up to their own personal practice to live the life of their dream.

Through a deeper understanding of your own personal life dreams and moving into a disciplined lifestyle everyone will leave this workshop empowered to live the life of their dreams.


Healing Breath

Come take the journey of breath to your soul. Learn to use your breath for emotional release, mental clarity, and physical freedom. In this workshop you will be guided by through a healing practice guided by Sid McNairy. This practice will deepen your meditation experience as you clear the subtle body energy and open up your chakras to connect to your highest source. Through this process you will find freedom and connection. You will experience a pranayama practice, conscious breathing, a journey within This experience is appropriate for everyone and will leave you with clarity, inner peace and connection to yourself.


Family and Children's Workshop with Liz (one-day)

Yoga, Mindfulness, Meditation and Mostly FUN!! Join Liz, Masters of Education and Counseling, certified Yoga Instructor, for this special event. Liz incorporates her passion of yoga and the connection between the mind and body to promote peace and empowerment. She creates an environment of love, acceptance and kindness, for both parents and children to grow in a powerful way. 

Through this workshop participants will:

  • practice mindfulness

  • increase awareness

  • learn to discover the truth inside

  • create a positive approach to their future

  • move through a yoga sequence

  • connect to family to increase a connection beyond the workshop


Meditation for Balance (evening talk) 

Join us for an evening of spreading our mission of inner peace. In this seminar, you will hear from Sid McNairy on how to be with the oneness within in order to live in supreme contentment.

Topics of Discussion:

  • How to be at peace

  • How to live life in the challenges yet still remain in our center

  • How to decrease the hardships by living in a state of inner balance

  • How to enhance your relationships: at work, with your partner, with your family, in everyday situations

Through the teachings of forgiveness, and our beliefs about oneness and separation, we can change our minds about what holds us back in life. We will discuss how to know ourselves and how to unlearn all of those things which interfere with our recognition of who we are and who we always have been. The foundation for of this evening talk is peace. Learn how to use these teachings to facilitate a new perspective to living at oneness, and how to walk in abundant joy.

Peace is the seed for love and pure happiness. When we have peace, everything in our environment becomes supportive of our life path. Sid has chosen a live path of peace and is committed to bringing this mission to others. Through his life experiences, studies and degrees, and years of teaching, Sid is a light for many to spark the seed of peace within.

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Sacred Circle

Transformation is possible are you ready to receive it? Are you open to what is possible for you? Time to “Get Better! Be Better! Stay Better!”

Energy work has been around for centuries. 2000 years BC in ancient Egypt it was known that transformation of all dis-ease, dis-comfort and dis-function could be shifted when the environment would support it.

The Sacred Circle is an opportunity for people of all ages to come and experience transformation. When with Sid at the Sacred Circle, Sid will help uplift your spirit by creating an environment for peace, meditation, and inspiration to occur to lift your spirit. During this time through meditation, energy work and conversation you will discover how to create and live the life you deserved at birth.


A-La-Carte Offerings



Community Gathering
Sacred Circle
Individual Sessions


Gallery exhibitions available upon request, $500 plus expenses, travel and shipping 

Book Signings

Book signings available upon request, $400 for speaking and signing, 25% of retail sales on books during signing


Performances available upon request, concert performances $2400 plus band travel expenses

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