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I paint because it gives me the space to listen deep within. No true destination just pulling out what is within to create a new picture. So I am watching because it is time to paint a new masterpiece. I have had the pleasure of raising my boys. Their sister lives with their mom and both are part of our lives. Yet for the last 7 years we have been moving through life as a unit. Today I realized as my son began to pack his bag in just over a month he would be onto his next adventure. Now understand, I prepared he (Trent) and his brother (Sid IV) to get to this point to fly the nest and spread their wings so the world could see. And there is absolutely only one thing coming the greatest success anyone could ever imagine.



Every moment has moved me to where I am now!

No one told me to prepare myself for what I feel now. No one told me that my heart would feel so hurt and yet feel so full of joy. No one really explained that to love someone is to prepare them and to set them free. That putting all of me into my kids would hit me like this. I feel overwhelmed as I sit back and start to paint a new picture.

I built a yoga studio that allowed me to have my kids around all the time. It allowed me to have lunch with my son everyday and then leave to sit at the table and have dinner. It allowed me to provide for my kids and do what I loved to do, to teach the masses. Heck it has allowed me to pass it all on to my oldest so he can live what have been part of his life more than anything else.

As I prepare to take my son away to college I am to preparing for another adventure. I am preparing to travel the country for a year and see what's next. I am ready to spread peace to every corner of our country and then the world. I am excited to watch as my son spread his wings and do the same. I remember it is time for me to fly again, to live my mission and fill the hearts of many.

Time moves along so fast. Embrace each moment and let them flow in and out. Take a moment, stop and smell the roses, hug your kids let them know you love them. Share everything about yourself even the parts you judge yourself for. I have always wanted to empower my kids to stand up even if it meant against me. To stand up and be the best that is possible in them.

I am extremely proud to know my best of friends I also call my kids. We have begun a new and I am happy through and through.

Thanks for reading I share because it heals. See you on the road as I meet again.


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