The story of the dragonfly!


There once was a cluster of beetles that live in the murk in a far away place. They lived life where everyone of them thought they knew the way. They moved through their days thinking there was nothing more to it. They all had different task to do to keep everyone moving forward. No one said much, heck they rarely had a fight because they were just moving through life as they knew it. To do anything out of the ordinary would take away from the normal shift of living and dying.

One day a beetle was born named Sam, he had a light many could see. Some even called him king for there was something about him, that was recognizable from the past. His parents were so proud because they knew he would grow to be a special beetle in every way.

He was like all the others. He played and he learned just like all rest. As he moved through his early life he was happy and knew somehow he was just a little different. Somewhere inside there was something looking to discover who he was.

As time passed he found an magical beetle who could teach him the ways. The ways to living a higher life. This magic beetle was able to tell him that he was one who could fly. One who could shift and show the others what was a possibility for all.

As Sam began to learn, he leaned about those before him, he learned about J and he learned about B yet no one wanted to hear. They began to think that Sam was a lost beetle that maybe he was drinking a magic potion.

On one cold evening Sam began to speak with his friends. He began to say how it was his time to climb and go higher. His friend were clear you should never climb. Haven’t you heard the stories of those before who disappeared only to never return. It was their perspective that was a sticking pointy for the overall cluster. Every where he went they would say "you need to stop and go home, who do you think you are. Who are you to think that you can elevate and fly." "Really are you going to save us all." Johnny said. "That is a joke." he would leave thinking, you don't care about anyone else. They all had a good laugh, went on their own way and stay in the deep space of the abyss.

Sam would continue to walk and become more determined the more others would leave. His thoughts began to run wild, if only they would see me where I am now. Their world would shift as well. It doesn’t matter what they think? He thought to himself, even as the pain set in of being alone on this journey. It is my time to move forward, no matter what because I want to fly anyway. It is my time to elevate or sit here and die with the rest.

Sam began to climb. Higher and higher. It took days to climb up. At one point he looked down and no one would look up. So Sam continued to climb.

At last he reached the top. He had to scale and slide onto the top of the lily-pad. As he laid there exhausted and baking in the sun, he began to heat up. All of life's setbacks began to burn away. The pain became an awareness to the new life that was ahead. All of a sudden he felt a crack in his back. As one side popped and opened he felt a wing come out. Then another popped open and another wing came out. Two more and there it was he had four wings. The cycles had moved through his body. The four extremes had begun to set him free. He began to expand and start to elevate, flapped his wings and began to fly.

As he look down he yelled for his friend and no one could hear him down in the muck.  He wanted to see his friends so bad he thought I'll go down and I can teach them the way. As soon as he hit the water he realized he could no longer fly.

He made his way back to the lily-pad and dried off. Soon he was able to fly again. What Sam had come to realize is that just like Buddha, Jesus and many others in order to fly he had to stay up. He saw it was his time to fly and one day another would find their way as well!

For me the story of the dragon fly has continued to unfold in my life. I can see how for me to continue to fly I must continue to go up even when others may choose to go low. I am ready to fly and continue to look for those that I can support and propel each other up to a higher place. I am a mere reflection of what is possible in the life of all. May you too be someone who is ready and willing to fly.

Just "Fly Away!"



Sid McNairy