Lets Be Honest!


Let's Be Honest

Are you really?

You know it seems strange to hear someone say they are going to be honest. Why do you need to tell me, "I am going to be honest?" Are you really letting me know that you are lying before you say that. That seems to be one of the strange things I am seeing in the world today.

Then there comes a sense of hiding that continues to perplex me. I mean really are people afraid so much that they hide their honesty. Well I can only speak from my experience and that there are times I have held back. For me it is pretty simple I held back out of fear of another person potential reaction. When those moments come up I have to dig in and choose to go for it anyway. 

I was raised in the Catholic faith. I can recall when I would sit in confession. I never truly felt safe enough to confess because there was a sense of judgement in the moment. For me and yes I can only speak from my own perspective, I never trusted it was truly confidential. I was afraid that the person I was talking to would never keep a secret, and if for some reason he did share what I had confessed, I would have to deal with consequences that I never trusted in the first place.

Because I never felt safe I had to find a way to move forward in my life, in many relationships outside of my family. I had to search for a way to release all of my fears and move forward. What I have found for myself is that as I grew older I began to surround myself with people who would accept me in every way. Not because they accepted what some would call my flaws, my mistakes or my wrong doing. They would accept me because they truly understood what it was to love, and how we are perfect no matter what. To love free of conditions, expectations, control and live free of judgements.

I know some would imply that to say I don’t want to judge is a place of hiding. When actually what I have found is it is a place of true strength and power. It is for me a deeper love than I have ever known before. 

So how did I get here to this pace of seeing beyond my judgments. I got here by looking at me, looking at my life and my choices, to understanding that I never made a mistake, I never took a wrong turn and I actually have nothing to apologize for. Because, it has all taught me to love everyone. It has taught me to love people because I have done everything. I have done so much that who am I to judge anyone. I am the person who has taken steps to be the loving person I am today. 

One of the foundations of where I am today is to continue to remain clear. Much like what I perceive is the intention of confession, what I feel is truly the direct path to atonement. I spend time with people and what I have found is that the feeling of love, safety, and freedom of judgement allows others to move forward on to the path of clarity.

So I am ok seeing someone from a place free of judgement, because I have looked deep within myself and have accepted me to the fullest. "I love me!" Can you say it and mean it, and feel the love? I am everything, the good, the bad, the pretty and the ugly. I choose to see you as good in every way. Because of that when we are together there will be peace, there will be collaboration and there will be an opportunity for growth.

So yes be honest, there is plenty to judge in the world in your life, my life anyone's life. Yet it was all created by the infinite source of all. You may find that there is a much better way to spend your time. You can never get time back.

Peace and Blessings,



Sid McNairy